• Pad Print Starter Kits

    This pad print starter kit is a must for every pad printer. The beginning pad printer needs everything in the kit and is nicely packaged in this kit. Items included in the complete kit are safety plunger can, stainless steel spatula, 8 oz. bottle, 16 oz. bottle,15 unwaxed ink mixing cups, 1 roll 2" double sided tape, 1 roll 2" masking tape, 1 tube 4.5 oz. hand cleaner,1 can spray adhesive, and 1 gallon #102 washup.

  • Safety Plunger Cans

    This safety plunger can holds your clean up solvent and releases it only when you need it. It also minimizes the fumes in your print shop.

  • 15 Ink Mixing Cups

    These are unwaxed 16 oz. ink mixing cups. If you have ever tried waxed cups, you will know why we sell these.

  • 2 Inch (in) Width Double Faced Tapes

    2" wide roll of double faced tape. Used for holding down clichés, nests, and pads.

  • Masking Tapes

    1 roll of 2" wide masking tape.

  • 2 Solvent Bottles

    1 - 8 oz. and 1 - 16 oz. solvent squirt bottles.

  • Stainless Steel Spatulas

    5" Stainless steel spatula for mixing of inks.

  • Image

    1 Gallon # 102 washup solvent. Used for clean up.

  • 4-1/2 Ounce (oz) Weight Really Works Hand Cleaners

    1 4-1/2 oz. tube of Really Works hand cleaner. Used for cleaning your hands after working with the ink.