Service Tectonics, Inc. builds Custom Assembly Machines to fit the specific needs of your application. We provide services in all areas of the process, from design to manufacture. Our experience with Pad Printing, Hot Air Staking, and Hot Stamping customers allows us to provide expert assistance in designing your custom machine.

We'll work with you to determine the best and most efficient way to design your custom machine, to provide the most seamless and economical integration of the completed machine with your company's process. The information below provides some examples of custom machines that we've previously built, and are not the limit of what we do. We also stock a full line of accessories for all of our machines, including our custom machines, and can provide custom ink color formulations.

Be sure to view the images of our previous custom work, and please use the "Request for Information" button to contact us and begin the conversation about your Custom Machine requirements.
Unit of Measure

Types of Machines Built

N/A Hot Air Staking Machines Hot Stamping Presses Pad Printing Machines

Customizable Features

N/A Automatic/Semi-automatic Controls Ink cup system Number of Colors Print Area Shuttle Method

Previous Customizations

N/A Auto-eject unloading Automatic part flipover Corona treater Larger diameter printing PLC Controller Rotary table Station shuttle