This pad print starter kit is a must for every pad printer. The beginning pad printer needs everything in the kit and is nicely packaged in this kit. Items included in the complete kit are safety plunger can, stainless steel spatula, 8 oz. bottle, 16 oz. bottle,15 unwaxed ink mixing cups, 1 roll 2" double sided tape, 1 roll 2" masking tape, 1 tube 4.5 oz. hand cleaner,1 can spray adhesive, and 1 gallon #102 washup.
Unit of Measure


Washup Weight

N/A 1 gal

Spatula Weight

N/A 8 oz16 oz

Hand Cleaner Weight

N/A 4.5 oz

Unwaxed Ink Mixing Cups

N/A 15

Double Side Tape Size

N/A 2 in

Number of Rolls Per Package

N/A 1

Masking Tape Size

N/A 2 in

Number of Rolls in Mixing Tape Per Package

N/A 1

Number of Spray Can

N/A 1

Spray Can Material

N/A Adhesive


N/A Quote