STI manufactures and sells automatic and semi-automatic machines for printing one to six colors by the pad transfer method. Our automatic machines utilize a racetrack conveyor, a shuttle table or a rotary table for printing. Automatic feeding and ejection of parts can also be added to our machines, or they can be incorporated in in-line operations with other machines giving a completely automatic operation.

Pad printing is being used for more and more decorating applications in our industry. Its versatility in printing on convex, concave, irregular, round or flat surfaces makes it the ideal choice for your next printing requirements. Special formulation of inks, giving them properties required by different industrial processes, allows pad printing to be used on almost every substrate.

Multicolor printing is possible since fast drying inks allow for wet on wet printing of parts, and the half tone process for multicolor printing is also available with the STI Pat-A-Print process.

STI can provide you with the Pat-A-Print machines, either standard or special design, as well as all tooling, color matched inks, cliches, pads (standard or special) and our in house lab to assist you in deciding which process and machine is best for your decorating needs.

All our services are provided from our lab and our people are always on hand to answer questions or design that special pad, cliche or formulate your ink. Our services are also fast, reliable and affordable. One call does it all.

Principle of Operation
  1. The Jelcone Pad moves down on to the engraved plate (cliche) which has been inked and wiped with a doctor blade.
  2. The Jelcone Pad moves up and across to the part to be printed.
  3. The Jelcone Pad moves down onto the object for printing.

The movements of the pad and the doctor blade are simultaneous and driven by the same pneumatic cylinder.
Unit of Measure

No. of Color (Imprints)

N/A 4

Print Area

N/A 3 x 4 in

Speed (Per Hour)

N/A 500-1000 cycles

Air Consumption

N/A 7 cfm at 80 psi

Power (AC)

N/A 110 V


N/A Electric

Ink Cup Size

N/A 3 1/4 in

Inline Conveyor Adaptability

N/A Yes

C.C. Pads

N/A 0


N/A 550 lb


N/A Automatic Ejection Drying Device Flaming Device on chain or turntable Inflating Device for soft bottles Rotary Table or Conveyor

Shuttle Methods Available

N/A Racetrack Conveyor Rotary Table Shuttle Table


  • Rigid Frame Construction
  • Convenient Control Panel
  • Adjustable Leveling Pads
  • Quick Change Tooling
  • T-Slotted Adjustable Table
  • X-Y Pad Adjustment
  • Adjustable Doctor Stroke
  • Pad Stroke Delay Timer
  • Adjustable Pad Stroke Both Positions
  • X-Z Table Adjustment
  • Safety Doors
  • Independent Adjustable Downstroke Over Cliche and Part
  • Solid State Controls
  • Durable, light rugged aluminum casting frame
  • Counter