STI Introduces our new Magnetic Sealed Ink Cup Series Pad Printers

  • 85 mm magnetic ink cup
  • One or two colors 75 mm print area
  • Optional shuttle table which allows two color printing with only one nesting fixture
Unit of Measure

No. of Color (Imprints)

N/A 1

Print Area

N/A 3 in Diameter

Speed (Per Hour)

N/A 800-1200 cycles

Air Consumption

N/A 4 cfm

Power (AC)

N/A 110 V

Ink Cup Size

N/A 85 mm

N/A Benefits of Pad Printing Using STI machines:

    Pad printing is being used for more and more decorating applications in our industry.
    Its versatility in printing on convex, concave, round or flat surfaces makes it the ideal choice for your next printing requirements.
    Special formulation of inks giving them properties required by different processes allows pad printing to be used on almost every substrate.
    Multicolor printing is possible since fast drying inks allow for wet on wet printing of parts, and the half tone imaging for four color process printing is also available with the STI PAT-A-PRINT process.
STI can provide you with pad printing machines and all of the auxiliary supplies. All our services are provided from our lab and our people are always on hand to answer questions or design that special pad, cliche or formulate your ink. Our services are also fast, reliable and affordable. One call does it all.